The Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1 #105 F+


1st Appearance of Missing Link

Grade: Fine+ (6.5)

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1st Appearance of Missing Link

Grade: Fine+ (6.5)

Prowling New York with Betty in his clutches, the Hulk transforms back into Banner just in time to be shot in the leg by a pair of thugs. The product of a nuclear test conducted by the U.S. and captured by the Chinese, the Missing Link is brought to New York and unleashed to wreak havoc. Of course, the dangerously radioactive monster crosses paths with the wounded Hulk and the two battle. Mr. Fantastic creates a Hulk-stopping weapon designed by Banner and Talbot takes the machine to hunt for the jade giant. Not realizing that he is fighting a dangerous foe, Talbot shoots the Hulk with the weapon turning him back into Banner just as the Missing Link begins another assault.

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