Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #410 NM-


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¬†Spidey and Peter learn the Spider-skeleton is an actual Spider-Man clone and that Ben’s girlfriend Jessica Carradine is the Burglar’s daughte. Meanwhile, Carnage terrorizes the city even though Cletus Kasady is safe in his cell. Seeking answers, Spidey follows Ravencroft guard Dickerson to an underground super-villain-worshipping club where Dickerson sells Carnage memorabilia filched from Ravencroft. Carnage attacks the club, and battles Spidey, escaping after bringing down the roof. At the Daily Bugle, Jessica gets a job to photograph Spidey as a public menace; Spidey tails Ravencroft security chief John Jameson, discovering him possessed by the Carnage symbiote.

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