Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #125 VF/NM


Origin of Man-Wolf

Grade= VF/NM

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Origin of Man-Wolf

Grade= VF/NM

At the break of dawn the fight between the Man-Wolf and Spider-Man comes to an inconclusive end! As the lupine creature flees the sunlight and the wounded wall-crawler limps home! Later that afternoon J. Jonah Jameson pays a visit to his son fearing the worst! Sadly John Jameson tells his father about the moonstone he found on his last lunar mission. And unfortunately before Jonah can get him help…the sun sets, the moon rises, and the Man-Wolf lives again! Can the amazing one save Jonah, Kristine, and himself from the madness of John’s savage alter ego? Or will they all be thrown to the (man) wolves?

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